Frequently asked questions

Q: How soon will I know if my
application has been successful or not?

A: Please see our funding page for ‘Types of grant’ and the page Applying

Q: If I have not been successful how
soon can reapply?

A: You can apply after 12 months from the date of your last application.

Q: Can I find out why my application
has been turned down?

A: Only in limited cases will the trustees communicate the reason an
application has not been supported.

Q: What are the current policy

A: Please see the Home page for ‘Areas of Activity’ and the funding
exclusions page for areas not normally considered.

Q: What should I do if I don’t
understand the guidelines?

A: Please contact Trust Operations Officer.  See contact details.

Q: Are there deadlines?
A: There are no specific deadlines. The majority of applications are
considered quarterly by at least two of the trustees, whilst large grants
(over £10,000) are considered by the entire Board at twice yearly

Q: How will I know how my application
is progressing?

A: To reduce administrative costs, only successful applicants and those
considered as Large grants are notified.  If you have not heard from
us within six months it is likely that your application has not been
successful. Please note that these timescales are only applicable if we
receive all the information requested as stated in the guidelines. Please
see the funding page for more details on one-off grants, conditionally
renewable grants, subscriptions and large grants.

Q: Can I send my
application by mail?

A: We do not accept mail applications. Please email your application to
the email address supplied in the contact details.