Grants Application Overview

The trustees will consider all applications that fall within the
trust’s area of activity.

Preference is given to charities working in the fields of Wildlife and
Environmental Conservation (UK and International) and charities operating
in the county of Sussex.

Consideration of the majority of the appeals received is undertaken by
small groups of trustees, to whom power has been delegated by the Board to
make donations of up to £10,000. These groups of trustees meet quarterly,
so appeals can be dealt with expeditiously.

The full Board of trustees meets twice a year to, amongst other business,
agree Large Grants (normally over £10,000).

All Charities being considered for such grants will be notified and asked
to provide various information relating to their latest Annual Accounts by
completing an Accounts Summary form.  Applicants will be informed of
the trustees’ decision, when successful, within four weeks of a trustees

Normally, both successful and unsuccessful applicants are required to
wait a minimum of twelve months from the date of their last application
before reapplying.

At this time the trustees do not require applicants to complete an
application form, but suggest that the following guidelines be used:

  • Applications should be no longer than two A4 sides, and should
    incorporate a short (half page) summary.
  • Applications should also include a detailed budget for the project and
    the applicant’s most recent audited accounts. If accounts show a significant surplus or deficit of income, please explain how this has
  • Charities to be considered for support must also complete an Accounts
    Summary form.