Small Grant Application Form (up to £3,000)

Please access the Small Grant form using the link below:

Applying in response to the recent Covid-19 situation?

For organisations in need of immediate funds to respond to increased needs of beneficiaries in Sussex as a result of the outbreak, please use the following grant application process:

  1. Use the Small Grant application form at the link above. This is available regardless of the date of any previous application or current funding.
  2. In the field “What is funding required for” please use the words “Covid 19 Response” so we are able to identify urgent applications.
  3. In the field “Brief Description of Project” please provide details of the following:
    1. Your beneficiary group, who they are, where they are, how many there are.
    2. What they are in need of at this particular time, and why.
    3. How you propose to safely meet this need
  4. Please ensure you attach a clear budget showing the financial costs of providing this service, including the total cost, any funding already available, and the shortfall.
  5. There is no fixed minimum or maximum for the sum sought in these urgent and exceptional applications, but please bear in mind the likely need will be far in excess of the sums available for support, and Trustees are keen to support as many people as possible during this crisis period which is of uncertain duration. All budgets will be scrutinised carefully to ensure value for money, proportionate reach and impact.
  6. Applications will be considered in batches by groups of trustees, depending on the amount sought and the urgency of the situation.
  7. All applicants will be notified whether the application has been successful or not.

Charities are also encouraged to visit the Sussex Community Foundation where there is a SCF local appeal and information on the distribution of the National Emergencies Trust funding.