Please note recent changes to the grant amounts that may be applied for:
Small – up to £3,000 / Medium – £3,001-£10,000 / Large – over £10,001 (28 May 20)

Application Forms

Apply for a small grant 
Funding of £3,000 and under.
Accepted throughout the year.

Apply for medium grant 
Funding of £3,001 – £10,000.
Accepted four times a year between the following dates:
4th January – 11th February
18th April – 19th May
10th July – 20th August
9th October – 19th November

Apply for large grant
This application form is password protected. Please telephone the Director to discuss eligibility for a large grant and to obtain the password.
Funding of £10,001 and over.
 Accepted twice a year between the following dates:
4th January – 4th March
10th July – 10th September


As part of your online application you will be asked to upload a completed ‘Budget Template Form’.

Please download the form here: Budget Template Form


How EKCT will use your data

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