Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults –¬†Policy Statement

The Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust is committed to ensuring that where possible, and within the parameters of its role of a funder, it plays an active role in ensuring all children, young people and adults with care and support needs who are in any way connected with our work, are safeguarded from abuse and neglect.

Consequently, EKCT will consider safeguarding arrangements when considering funding applications. As part of its application information, the Foundation provides a statement on expectations regarding safeguarding. However, EKCT believes it is the responsibility of the organisations and individuals funded to ensure that their safeguarding policies and procedures are fit for purpose given the specific nature of their work and the manner in which it is conducted.

EKCT will ensure any concerns or allegations of abuse which the Trust is made aware of are taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately, which may include referring them on to the relevant authorities.

EKCT does not put in place Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) checks for its Trustees and staff as they do not work directly with children and young people or adults at risk as part of their role. EKCT Trustees and staff cannot, therefore, be left in sole charge of children, young people or vulnerable adults when visiting an organisation or project and will refuse to do so if asked.

EKCT will keep this policy under review to ensure it remains fit for purpose and in line with legislative requirements.

7th May 2019